What would it look like for you to wash your hair less? Go to bed and wake up with better hair and skin? What would it look like to finally see defined curls, thicker, longer hair... What would it look like to see less fine lines and wrinkles... maybe even less redness?!

If you've ever asked yourself these things... you're in the right place! I had a goal of having more defined curls that didn't require more work on my end... because let's be honest, I still don't know how to curl my hair!


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and i'm the tomboy

I was rocking sweats pants and messy buns before they were the cool thing to wear... I am such a tomboy and very low-maintenance, so it was important to me to find products that wouldn't require extra work on my part... I can literally apply some air dry cream to my hair - go to bed and wake up with beautiful soft curls! Who would've thought the girl who didn't even know about hair straighteners until the middle of college - and the girl who never did her makeup would ever have her own hair + skin care business!!!! I guess what they say is right... never say never!

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After realizing the severeness of my pp hairloss I started to incorporate collagen back into my diet, taking biotin, but I stayed with my same drugstore shampoos and conditioners. I did not see any significant growth and continued to loose hair. It never occurred to me that simply changing products is what would completely alter the state of my hair.

I started using Monat in April and can't believe the transformation I have had in just 9 months simply by changing my products. I have experienced so much growth and my hair feels thicker, SO much stronger, and just so much freaking healthier.

my hair feels thicker, so much stronger, and just so much freaking healthier.

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Darian B

Oh. My. Gosh. My hair, and my head, have never felt this good after a shower!!!! I am seriously amazed already... and feel like I smell like a flower!!! Thank you for getting me hooked up with Monat... I’m in love already! ❤️

i'm seriously amazed already...

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Kelsey M

Yesssss I’m SOOO EXCITED 👏🏻👏🏻 my skin has always been a huge issue for me and has made me so self-conscious! One of the things that I’m loving the most is the fact that I don’t feel like I want to itch it off 🤣 Seriously love this so far and it’s only day two!!! I’m blown away with these results already!

i’m blown away with these results already!

what customers are saying

Emily W

We have products that will help you age beautifully by renewing and transforming your skin.

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We have an incredible line up of products that will not only prevent frizz but will heal and repair your hair. 

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We have a supercharged lineup of skin care products that will brighten your skin.



We have products that are clinically proven to help restore hair growth. Backed by the American Hair Loss Association.

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